Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Google+ vs Facebook

So I've been on Google+ for awhile now and I think Google finally figured it out, social networking that is. Well... mostly that is. Circles are great. They feel like a much easier version of Facebook Groups. Hangouts seem a little gimmicky. Nonetheless, it is free video chat. Huddles is Google's attempt at group chat. I haven't tried Huddles yet, but I have a feeling it may be harmful for GroupMe.

The question everyone is answering and asking is "How does G+ stack up against Facebook?" I think this is Google's best attempt yet. (Other Attempts) Will it topple the social media giant? I'll get to this one in a roundabout way. I don't know how many people still remember using Myspace but I do. We thought Myspace was the end game at that time. Just like we think Facebook is the end game for social media now... At least until G+. But G+ is going to face the same challenges that Facebook did. The biggest challenge, users. I remember when Facebook was the new kid on the block. No one wanted to adopt it. (Basically, everyone other than me had one.) Why was I resistant? Well, I vividly remember saying to myself, "What do you mean I can't use a HTML layout?" and "Everyone's profile has to look the same?" (I think Mark really started Facebook because his HTML layout skills were soft.) It took awhile for everyone in my high school to migrate to Facebook from Myspace. People would have conversations on both sites at the same time. It was an interesting time. Back to users. The lack of users is why it took us all awhile to transfer from Myspace to Facebook. All our friends were on Myspace and until we convinced them Facebook was better they weren't moving. Now, I'm doing the same thing with G+. It's like pulling teeth to get people to try something new... Even if it is from Google. I personally hope someone will takedown Facebook just for the sake of progress. So, if you are reading this and want a G+ invite leave your email in the comments. (Gmail Account Required)


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